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City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission


City Special Review 963  – Lenhardt Square PD - Georgina Drive - Multi-family – A special review request to allow the construction of more than 4 attached dwelling units in the PD-MF-4 zone on C/S 2063, Parcel 2A in the Lenhardt Square Planned Development, a 19.13 acre parcel of land.  The special review is required by Article IV.G of the PD zoning district. The proposed development will contain five (5) 5-unit buildings and two(2) 86-unit buildings. The total proposed number of dwelling units is 237 on the 19.13 acres. Tax ID:D00514A  Ward V, Planner, Monica Plecker, 247-8660

City Zone Change 964 - Council Initiated text amendment - Gymnastics Instruction in RP zones- A zone change to Section 27-306 - Commercial and Industrial Uses - to allow Gymnastics Instruction in all Residential Professional (RP) zones. The City Council initiated the amendment on February 26, 2018. All Wards, Planner, Monica Plecker 247-8660

City Zone Change 965 - 109 S 35th St - CI to R-60 - A zone change request from Controlled Industrial (CI) to Residential 6,000 (R-60) on Lots 16 & 17, Block 7 of Yegen Second Addition, a 7,000 square foot parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on February 13, 2018, at the offices of High Plains Architects at 2720 Minnesota Avenue.  Tax ID:A18805  Ward I, Planner, Karen Husman, 247-8684

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance 1278 –1134 Jordan Circle - Lot Coverage to 31% and Rear Setback of 8 feet- A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum rear setback of 8 feet and from 27-308 requiring a maximum lot coverage of 30% (2,133 sf) to allow a maximum lot coverage of 31% (2,204 sf) in a Residential 7,000 (R-70) zone, on Lot 12, Block 2, Celestial Subdivision, a 7,109 sf parcel of land.  The purpose of the variance is to all the addition of 2 bedrooms to the north side of the home. Tax ID:A28748. Ward II, Planner, Karen Husman, 247-8684.

City Variance 1279 –  600 Block N 25th Street - Side Adjacent to Street Setback- A variance from section 27-309 requiring a minimum side adjacent to street setback of 10 feet to allow a 2 foot side adjacent to street setback in a Rewsidential Professional (RP) zone, Lots 4-12 and 17-21 of Block 59 Fosters Addition and Lots 4-11 of Block 269 Billings First Addition, a 1.12 acres parcel of land.The purpose of the variance is to allow the construction of a new medical clinic. Tax IDs:A010966, A010967, A01968, A07375 & A07379. Ward I, Planner, Karen Husman, 247-8684.



Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission  
County  Zone Change 688 - Planned Development - Kramer Property - Grand Avenue & 50th St West- A zone change request from Agriculture Open-Space(A-1)to Planned Development with underlying zoning of Residential Multi-family-Restricted (PD-RMF-R) on the southern11.69 acres and Neighborhood Commercial (PD-NC) on the northern 6.11 acres of C/S 2990, Parcel 1B, a 17.553 acre parcel of land generally located on the south side of Grand Avenue, between 48th St West and 52nd St West. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was conducted on December 26, 2017, and on January 29, 2018, at the Grace Montessori School located at 4809 Grand Avenue. Preliminary Review on March 5, 2018 held at the Billings Library.Tax ID:D12489. Commissioner District 3, Planner, Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662.

County Board of Adjustment

  The County Board of Adjustment meeting is CANCELLED. There are no applications received for the County, the next meeting will be in May.

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