Native American & Tribal Initiatives

Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council

Strengthening Partnerships for Native Americans
Work to expand access to healthcare and addiction services specifically for Native Americans in the Billings region! This is an amazing opportunity to work with Tribal leadership to build capacity! Apply Now!

Native American Development Corporation

Economic Revitalization to Impact Poverty
Become part of a team to support business and economic development opportunities to create jobs, local prosperity and financial stability for Native Americans experiencing poverty on and off Reservations. Apply Now!
Increasing Housing Access for Native Americans
Increase access to affordable housing for Native Americans living in the Billings, Montana area, including adjacent Reservations, who have limited incomes and who are experiencing poverty. The VISTA member will assist in the development of programs designed to support connections between families and individuals to emergency housing, transitional services, and affordable permanent housing. Apply Now!

Economic Opportunity via Community Gardens & Farmers Markets
The overall goal of the project is to promote community gardens and farmer's markets to enhance economic and business opportunities. This project is designed to foster cultural pride by respecting and carrying out Tribal traditions, including working together, to continue to advance opportunities for Native American people. Apply Now!