Notable Calls

Fires in 2006
Pine Ridge Complex & Bundy Railroad
2006 was an unprecedented fire season for Yellowstone County. Fires in the Pine Ridge complex south of the town of Custer, along with the Bundy Railroad fire north of Pompey’s Pillar, consumed over 230,000 acres.

During these simultaneous fire events, nearly all the 9-1-1 Center’s resources were committed to supporting the county, state, and federal agencies assigned to suppression, evacuation, and traffic control duties.

Emerald Hills
One month later, an accidentally set blaze in Lockwood’s Emerald Hills subdivision spread to 4,000 acres and forced the evacuation of nearly 200 homes in the area.

Again, the 9-1-1 Center provided the link between impacted citizens, agency responders, and Emergency Operations Center officials.

It is interesting to note that it was the devastating 1984 Hawk Creek fire that led the county to consolidate their public safety communications with the City of Billings. Twenty-two years later, that partnership allowed the 9-1-1 Center to allocate enormous resources to the county during a situation that, in many ways, mirrored the infamous Hawk Creek fire.

Life-Sustaining Care
Stacee Flynn and Jeff Love, along with the crew of the responding engine company, have been formally recognized for their performance in a life or death medical call.

On April 25, 2006, Jeff Love answered a 9-1-1 call from a woman in distress. He quickly gathered and forwarded the essential information to Stacee Flynn, who immediately deployed medical units. Upon arrival, crews found the patient unresponsive and in full cardiac arrest.

Through the combined efforts of the 9-1-1 dispatch staff and the Billings Fire Department, the caller received life-sustaining care and subsequently made a full recovery.